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Exercise means something different to everyone.

For some it's about the challenge, the drive to push themselves out side of their comfort zone.

For others it's about weight loss, reaching goals, feeling fitter and being comfortable with who you are.

Whatever exercise is to you, let that be your WHY!


I find the exercise is the easy part, the difficult part of reaching goals and getting results is changing a lifetime of habit. Your food choices are what makes the difference to your success, don't let your cravings get the better of you. 

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We all have a reason as to why we look at changing our current lifestyle habits, for me it was becoming a mum. It changed my perspective, I realised I wanted to be the fittest, healthiest, and best example to my children. I wanted to show them that taking care of yourself is important. 

Even though I started exercising for them, I have grown to love it and it has helped me not only physically but mentally too.   

I worked hard and went on to become a qualified personal trainer and have such a strong desire to share my knowledge with you and help you find your why!